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While it might look like Danielle is the typical girl next door, her spunky charm is refreshingly original.

Danielle grew up in Chicago where she first dabbled in the arts at a young age. Taking dance classes and performing for basically anyone who would watch her. "Hey, as an only child you have to find ways to be creative and pass the time during the brutal winters."


Later Danielle moved to Florida where she became a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, backup dancer for Common and Erykah Badu and performing in local theatre. She later moved back to Chi-town where she received her BA in Acting and Marketing at Columbia College Chicago.


Danielle's dream has always been to pursue acting in Los Angeles, dance her heart out, and save dogs!  Well, she's living the dream, "riding the wave," as she would say.  Danielle has studied with the best, is a UCB graduate, can be seen on tv in commercials and as a host. Keep your ears peeled for that sweet, raspy voice on radio adds and youtube videos. To discover more, visit Danielle's media page and fall in love with the quirky wit behind those big, blue eyes.


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